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QUALITY organized HONEST approach


  • Interior Design

  • Color & Finish Consultation 

  • Concept Creation

  • Whole Home or Room-by-Room Spacial Planning

  • Product Specification

  • Furniture Selection and Procurement 

  • High-Quality / Impeccable Custom Window Treatments, Blinds, Bedding & Pillows

  • Wallpaper Selection & Installation

  • Accessorizing

  • Art Curation

  • Lighting Selection 


PERSONALIZED Design consultation

Part of what makes my design plans work so well, is the time I take to get to know my clients and how they envision a space working for them. When booking a design consultation with me, you will receive a personalized assessment and an actionable plan for updating and upgrading your space. This includes a two-hour working meeting, on-site (or virtual if preferred) where I provide advice, a scaled-floor plan with recommendations for furniture and space arrangements, as well as answers to any questions specific to the interior or exterior of your home. Every consultation is personalized and is based on each one of my client's specific needs. Typical consultations include furniture selection and/or spacing direction, artwork or lighting recommendations and color and material sources, etc. Each consultation will end with plans for you to execute, or if preferred, this could lead to launching of a new project where I take over and execute on your behalf. This consultation is one of my favorite parts of the process and client's love the personalization and flexibility that it provides. Please contact me to schedule your own consultation by clicking the 'Book Now' button (above). I look forward to working with you!   

Package Includes:

  • 2-Hour Working Session (on site or virtual if preferred)

  • Personalized Assessment of your home / space

  • Interior or Exterior Spacial Planning 

  • Professional Advice and Recommendations

  • Actionable Plans for you to execute. Or if preferred, the launching of future projects for me to execute on your behalf.

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